Questions To Ask Potential Winter Wedding Venues

Winter weddings are beautiful and often times underrated. They do require some thoughtful work in order to ensure that your wedding is comfortable and accessible for guests, but no more work than a summer wedding. (Instead you just switch out the heat for some cold.) With that in mind, we have thought of some questions for you to ask your potential wedding venue.

What are the best places to take outdoor wedding photos with our bridal party?

If you are having a winter wedding you obviously like winter, so take advantage of the bright white snow and the venues beautiful grounds. While touring the venue, make sure there a plenty of spots to pose for photos.

If it snows, how often will you shovel or plow the venues walkways and parking lots?

This is important! The venue should have a snow removal plan that they can share with you. This plan ensures your guests comfort and safety from the moment they arrive, until the moment they leave.

How do you prepare for inclement weather?

Another important question! The venue should really have a generator if the electricity goes out, heaters to warm up the rooms, and plenty of wood to keep the fireplace running for hours if they have one. If they don't have a good answer to this question, it's probably good to start considering another venue instead.

Under what weather conditions would you close down the venue?

A blizzard might cause the venue to shutdown, especially if conditions are dangerous and employees can't make it in, but that doesn't happen often. Ask how many times they've had to close the venue entirely over the past few years and what would happen should it be necessary on the day of your wedding.

What do you do for holiday decor?

If you're getting married around Christmas but you don't celebrate the holiday, you probably won't appreciate a red-and-green color palette and a seven-foot pine tree decorated with shiny ornaments in the lobby. If you love the seasonal look, any decorations the venue does put up could be seen as added décor.