Our Favorite Fall Wedding Trends for 2019

Happy Labor Day! We all know what we associate Labor Day with right? The end of summer (even though the true end of summer isn't until September 23rd). But with the end of summer comes the beginning of fall, my favorite season for many reasons; the crisp morning air, beautiful foliage, pumpkin spice everything, football, and most of all...the start of wedding season!

Don't get me wrong, spring and summer are full of weddings too, but fall is the TRUE wedding season. As we roll into this busy and wonderful season, I am excited to share with you some of my favorite trends to make your fall wedding stand out amongst the masses. Your wedding should be (and can be) far more than autumnal tones, foliage prints, and leafy green arrangements. Keep in mind that, yes the season is beautiful, but it does not have to be the theme for your fall wedding.

This season we are seeing a return to classic, with fresh fabrics and an overall sense of minimalism that speaks to each brides individual style! Incorporating color and customization, and going back to basics is what is in store for this season.

1. Add a Touch of Velvet

While the dark and autumnal tones are perfect for fall weddings, elevate decor with touches of velvet in rich jewel tones. Sprinkle this lush fabric throughout your table decor and settings, furniture, and even fashion and floral stylings for a look that is chic and seasonally appropriate.

Incorporate velvet by tying little ribbons around programs or ceremony chairs, wrapping it around the stems of your floral bouquets, wearing a luxe hair piece, or shoes to add just a touch extra to your day.

2. Use Tall Candelabras

Tall and tapered give a sense of regality and add a necessary drama to any table. By adding candelabras of different heights and shapes (you can even do this with modern candlesticks), it creates a vibe of warmth and intimacy. Enhance your candelabra table decor with low lying greenery, or leave them for a simple enchanting look.

3. Bare Tables

If you are using real wood banquet tables for your wedding day, opt for ditching the table linens. The natural woods have an opulence that evokes warmth and sophistication. Scratching the table cloth allows the wood from the table and chairs to create a monochromatic look that is elegant and cozy. It also allows you to really leverage the fall foliage and greenery for your reception.

4. Hanging Florals

Hanging florals and greenery is a unique way to wow your guests from above, as well as on the tables. This trend adopts a "less is more" approach to decor, and I love it! Let the venue speak for itself and just enhance the environment with florals, because some venues are beautiful enough to speak for themselves. Or, use the falling greens to utilize your space more, like a way to add greenery and florals, without taking up so much table space.

5. Cocktails as Escort Cards

This is something I am SOOO here for. This trend gets the good vibes going for your reception, but is also chic and elegant thanks to the beautifully designed place cards and calligraphy. It sends the message immediately that your guests should prepare for an epic party! The escort drink can be the signature cocktail created for your day or just simply go with the tone of your event. Think, a lavender old fashioned to kick off a night of dancing at Woodend Sanctuary and Mansion.

6. Leather Paper Suites

When it comes to smaller details like your paper suite, consider putting leather into the mix. The rustic texture and tones are perfect for the season, but even doing a black or navy would add a sleek and modern touch. Different tones can change the vibe but overall, the leather creates a look that is personal, unique and luxurious, without glitter or anything over the top.

7. Natural Bridal Makeup

Fall as a season evokes a sense of effortlessness. With the crisp air and autumn in full swing, opt for a simple and natural bridal look, and embrace the warm seasonal tones in your fashion, florals, and decor. Think burnt oranges, warm subtle golds, and harvest browns.