Did You Know? Happy Marriages May Help You Live Longer.

Obviously no one gets married with the intentions of being unhappy, but we all know that it is unlikely for even the most compatible couples to be perfectly happy 24/7. If you and your spouse consider yourselves to be happy overall, that is great! New research reveals that a happy, healthy relationship may predict how long you will live.

Yes! This is totally true! A new study published in the journal Health Psychology found that couples who reported being happier in their marriages were 20 percent less likely to die earlier than people who reported being "not too happy". These results were based on 19,000 married individuals of all ages, races, genders, and geographical regions.

Obviously there are so many factors that affect the longevity of our lives, but these results do make sense. A person's environment has a direct impact on their biological and emotional health. Having a happy marriage means that you are living in a generally happy and fulfilling environment, which creates a relaxed state of well-being. That relaxed state is good for the nervous system which in turn, positively affects your health, body, and immune system. A bad marriage can lead to chronic stress and general unhappiness, which affects your immune system, cortisol levels, and often our sleeping and eating habits.

Also, having a meaningful marriage gives people a good reason to live which directly affects longevity. Crazy stuff! So as you get ready to walk down the aisle remember this great news!