August Spotlight: BIG Cork Vineyards

Allie and I are excited to add another series on our blog! Each month we will spotlight different vendors in the wedding industry. This spotlight category of blog posts is to give couples planning their weddings an opportunity to learn more about some of the venues and vendors in our area! It is also an opportunity for these vendors to express to couples what sets their services apart from the rest.

Our first spotlight ever is with BIG Cork Vineyards, a venue that we work closely with and love so much! We asked their on-site coordinator Meagan some questions and here are her responses!

Tell us about yourself and what you love about the venue?

My name is Meagan Grove and I am the Events Manager at BIG Cork Vineyards. I have been planning events for as long as I can remember! I first started my official career with events at Breaux Vineyards. I left because I attended school at WVU. When I came back, I started planning events at my stepfather’s restaurant. From there, I knew I wanted something BIGGER! I stumbled upon an ad for a

position at BIG Cork while working a desk job that I hated. I’m now going into my third year here

at BIG. I love the clients and my team that I get to work with every day. I love all our amazing vendors too, shout out to Of Joy Signature Events!

How did the venue come to be?

The property had been within the family of our owner (Randy Thompson) for approximately 40 years. In 2000, Randy and his wife Jen built their home here. Randy and Jen love hosting parties and making people feel welcome within their home. They wanted to build a place where people could come to “celebrate the little things that make life grand”. In 2010, the grape planting started. We opened our doors in January 2015. Since then, we have produced award-winning wine and hosted weddings, concerts, festivals and so much more!

What makes the venue unique?

I think the biggest thing that sets us apart is our customer service! We strive to ensure each of our customers has the best possible experience which is reflected in our reviews. I also love that our interior design sets apart from the typical “rustic” winery.

What part of your venue is the biggest crowd pleaser?

What’s not to love? Honestly though, I believe that would be our spectacular views. You are literally sitting in a basin surrounded by mountains. No matter what time of year, you can never beat the scenery out here. It’s stunning. Side note- many people do not realize we have an amazing sunflower field right around harvest time. It's a great place for a photo-op on your way in!

How many events do you host in a day?

We only do one wedding per day. We want our brides and grooms to have all of our attention devoted to them and only them! As for other events going on throughout business hours, we can have up to five separate events going on. Bridal showers, baby showers, bachelorette parties, birthday parties- you name it, we do it!

How many weddings do you host in a year?

On average, we host about 25 weddings per year. We are primarily an outdoor venue, so we are limited on doing weddings during the winter months. I am hoping in the coming years we will have a separate inside facility built specifically for events!

What would you say is the biggest selling point for couples booking weddings at this venue?

The BIG House! The house is here on the property and is the couples for the entire weekend. We

don’t call it the BIG House for anything, the house is HUGE! It’s a huge perk with our wedding packages.

How would you persuade a client to see value in your venue?

The venue speaks for itself; I rarely have to do any persuading!

Do you have any funny or interesting stories?

There’s never a dull moment. There was the time I got the van used to transport ceremony chairs stuck in a mud hole about a mile away from our venue, 30 minutes before the ceremony began. Or the time one of my brides decided she was going to change her ceremony location 20 minutes before her ceremony and her family had to help me move chairs in the rain. It’s always unpredictable but somehow, we always make it work.

What is the biggest lesson you have learned about wedding planning while working at this venue?

Learning patience and strength! Also, learning to remain calm in COMPLETE CHAOS! I’ve had so many people ask me how I maintain my relaxed personality during total mayhem. I don’t

have an explanation; I just roll with whatever comes my way! This career is not for the faint of

heart, but it is truly so rewarding being a part of some of the BIGGEST moments within people’s lives.

We just want to give Meagan a special thanks for taking the time to answer our questions! We always love working with you and the crew at BIG!

For more information on BIG Cork Vineyard, visit their website linked below!

Or, check them out on Instagram!