5 Winter Wedding Details From Etsy

Allie and I know that the most popular seasons for weddings are spring and fall, but there are so many perks to having a winter wedding! They are more budget friendly because it is not "peak season". Plus, guests won't have to choose between your nuptials or another wedding invite. But mainly, we love winter weddings because there are so many unique style details that work best for the season.

These details work perfectly to transform your wintry celebration without making it feel like a holiday party. Our tip for using winter decor is to use them wisely and sparingly. Pick and choose the ideas that work best in your space, and do not feel that you need to transform every aspect of your wedding into something seasonal.

Some of our favorite ways to add festive elements to your nuptials include evergreens, hints of metallics (without going overboard), and warm knits. From place cards to wedding favors and ceremony decor to centerpieces there are so many ways to accent your winter wedding date.

Don't know where to start? We've got you covered! We have found 5 of our favorite winter wedding products from Etsy to get you going.

1. Acrylic Place Cards

SHOP NOW: Etsy $3.25+

We love the idea of using acrylic or vellum for place cards or menus. This touch feels icy and wintery without being overly holiday.

2. Evergreen Matches Favors

SHOP NOW: Etsy $8.50/3

The use of the evergreens is subtle without screaming holiday.

3. Velvet Guest Book

SHOP NOW: Etsy $94+

This lush velvet is often associated with winter, making it the perfect fabric for bridesmaids dresses, and even small touches like this guest book!

4. Gold Photo Booth Backdrop

SHOP NOW: Etsy $19.22

Nothing is more festive than gold foil, making this shimmery backdrop perfect for your photo booth!

5. Moscow Mule Mug Favor

SHOP NOW: Etsy $32.99

This is an easy way to throw in some metallics, it is also such a useful favor! Use them to serve a signature cocktail, warm (maybe spiked) cider, or even at a hot cocoa bar.