5 New Ways To Honor Classic Wedding Traditions

Weddings have been around for as long as we can remember, pretty much all of history. But with their evolution, century after century, has come about the traditions that we come to love and expect at every celebration we attend. Some of these traditions include; the whole "something borrowed, something blue thing", a cake cutting, white dress, being escorted down the aisle, and the list goes on. We know that the chances of you including one of these traditions, if not all of them, in your wedding day are pretty high.

With that being said, Allie and I are exciting to share some ways to bring these traditions into the 21st century. Best of all, modernizing these traditions often leads to a more personal and authentic wedding day experience and does not have to be a huge undertaking. Feel free to keep the formalities where they feel right and know that updating where it feels right is acceptable as well. So here are 5 fresh ways to honor the wedding traditions of the past!

Tradition: The White Wedding Dress

White wedding dresses were popularized by Queen Victoria, who wore a cream, lace-trimmed gown to her wedding to Prince Albert. The bright white has become synonymous with weddings and is still the most popular choice to this day.

Update: The White Pantsuit or Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits and pants offer a fresh take on wedding day fashion. Also, wearing a pastel colored dress is a fun way to add a contemporary twist on one of the longest standing traditions there is.

Tradition: The Veil

Veils began as a symbol of purity and acquiescence and now they are popular simply because they are beautiful.

The Update: A Fresh Crown or Headband

Some women are now opting out of wearing a veil and choosing a floral crown, elegant headband, or nothing at all.

Tradition: The Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

This old rhyme recognized these things as tokens of good luck, and these timeless items are typically heirlooms or personal treasures. They are unique to each bride and often times, are only noticeable to those close with the bride. We have seen them be a piece of their mothers dress sewn into theirs, their mother's wedding ring worn on their right hand, and even a family members veil.

The Update: Involve The Groom

Let the groom get in on the fun by wearing cufflinks of his fathers or carrying a personal treasure in his pocket. He could even be your something blue by wearing a navy suit!

The Tradition: Giving Away The Bride

This special act of "giving away" the bride is a symbolic walk from old life to new, led by the father or parents of the bride, or another relative or close friend.

The Update: Walk Solo

Yes, you love your parents, but you have always been independent at heart, which means an escort down the aisle may not be your thing. Instead, take a note from royal bride Meghan Markle, and walk alone.

The Tradition: Reading The Vows

You can choose traditional, religious, or personally written vows, and most couples exchange these vows in front of family and friends.

The Update: Exchange Vows Privately

You may want your husband or wife to be the only person to hear these personal vows, or maybe public speaking isn't your thing. Whatever category you fall into, take your partner and walk into a secluded part of your ceremony venue to exchange vows. If moving isn't an option for you, turn off the microphone for privacy.